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My husband and I , with our dog, Tate, moved to Buenos Aires.. Life has never been the same since ~ Back in the USA ... life is still not the same !
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Bedroom

This was our bedroom in Buenos Aires.
I have the same bed, rug, furniture but somehow, that room looks nothing like the bedroom I have now. Here. In Florida. In a modern condo.
The ceilings are high here but no one can put up a chandelier for me. That's ok ... I am not staying long enough to bother.
Yeah, that is the New Decision made this week, more on that later.

I have always liked architecture .. I thought I was going to Art School to be a Fashion Illustrator, too bad I didn't go for the Architecture courses instead ..

So here we are ... in a sterile loft style condo in Florida.
Behind my home is a forest ... a State Forest so it is relatively free of bears and humans.
A green snake came out of that forest and stopped by for a quick visit .. the cats still haven't gotten over that and I am more alert to surprise visitors but so far, everything is quiet and peaceful.

I had the wrong thing or too much of something last night so I am not feeling well and will be spending a bit of time in that bed  there ... naps are good when you feel icky.
Of course, with my perfect timing , I got sick when my baby brother comes to visit.
I never have visitors and I rarely see my brother ... my timing sucks.

The cats and I are in our pajamas, it seems later, I have been up for hours already .. they will nap out in the sun .. I will go lie on my bed and moan quietly ...
Talk to you later ... she whimpers quietly ....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Looking Back While Looking Forward

Sunday Feria

Our First Night in Buenos Aires

On the corner where we lived

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

London Fire Tragedy

My heart goes out to the people in London, the families and children and all of those who have lost loved ones, lost their homes and pets and belongings.

This is the most tragic news ..  London Fire

Monday, June 12, 2017

No words

Because I am just bereft of anything to talk about unless it is Sephora, computers making life difficult rather than easy and bad weather in Florida ... I have nothing to say.
So I will leave you in lovely peace and quiet with a photo of happier times ...

Talk to you again soon ...

The view from inside our home in Buenos Aires .. looking out at the big wide street full of sound and light and life and enchantment.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I woke up a tiny bit later ... closer to 8 am than 7 am ... why ? why ?

Cats ... that is why. They absolutely hate to see you sleep when they are awake.

So I put   off  getting up, as long as possible then trudged downstairs to ladle out the kibble and    canned food then noticed the blanket on the dog bed was all tangled up.

I groaned and said Minette !!!

You see, for some reason .. Minette has decided to use the dog/cat bed as her morning toilet.
This little cat has never had an "accident" in the house, even when I know she was "holding it " .. but for some reason, she has lately decided to use the dog bed as her giant litter box.

So things are in the wash ... it is just 8:30 am !!!!

She and I had a talk ... I know she has always had stomach problems since I got her ... she saw many vets and was even given anesthesia and had things looked at ... but there is no explanation for her not using the litter box when she can go on the dog bed.
Which has not seen a dog in years and has been washed countless times.

So the washer is on.
Everyone in the feline way of thinking is napping on the lanai. I am blogging.
It is Sunday .. in the old days, someone would have brought me my first cup of coffee and a lot of kisses.
Now I clean up cat mess and trudge back upstairs with my cup of coffee to the computer to read the NYTimes.

Life sure has a way of changing..

This is what the bed is like .. we bought it at Orvis years ago.

I put a bath towel on the bed and so far no one is using the bed as a toilet.
If they/she does, it is just a towel and not a big dog bed cover.
So .. maybe things are settling down and everyone is feeling secure.

Thanks to "anonymous"  who emailed to let me know how offensive the title to my post was, I changed it a bit.
For anyone who was offended, I truly apologize, being an American, it was a day of the week to me and the title came to mind because of a song on the radio.
So I hope I am forgiven for my ignorance of certain issues that  certain people have in other countries.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Back Streets

No matter where we walked, there was always a delight around the corner, across the street, over in the next neighborhood.
We never tired of walking and exploring and discovering.
We only took a taxi if the weather was bad, or if the destination was really too far away. But we just loved to walk .. discovering streets and shops and parks .. sights .. soaking them in.
At the time, I never thought that I was not going to be living there forever ... or at least for many many years.
I enjoyed the discoveries of streets and parks that we never knew about ..
This photo was taken on one of those walks .. on a little back street, where the driveways and garages were, the next street was where the front doors were .. but even a back street had its beauty.

Friday, June 9, 2017


I never got tired of the sight of Jacaranda trees in Buenos Aires .. I was tiresome, I oohed and ahhed over the sight as if I had not seen them before ... every time I saw one.
This photo shows, perfectly, a typical day ... those amazing blue skies and then the colorful trees .. even when the trees were just green, it was So green !

Where I live now, I am glad to say that everything is very green.
But I think I prefer the green in Buenos Aires ... with a dash of purple here and there ..

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Flood Watch

You know those words do not thrill me, nor do they make me think to myself, Gee, I love living here.

We are not getting the hurricane or whatever storms there were down South but we are getting a lot of rain. Apparently it will be the cause of floods here ..

I have hope that the way my building is situated, the way the property slopes down-away from my building  ... that the woods in back will be safe , you know, like all the trees stand up, don't lie down.

I will be busy going through closets and making lists and talking to my realtor in New York.

In the world of Things to Watch .. Floods are not on my list ..
I would much prefer, Watching squirrels raiding the bird feeder, Autumn leaves piling up out in the yard, deer wandering around the fields .. Winter snow has lost its hold on me, I no longer fear or dread it.
I have been alone here since I arrived, it is actually worse than when I was so alone in NY.
In NY at least I knew my way around and shop people talked to me, I was familiar  with the place and the people and felt at home.
Here ... well,.. none of the above.

So the cats and I have been watching some silly show on television , videos of people doing crazy things or crazy things happening .. now I will get dressed and go find that big empty box ... I have some things to put into it.

I totally appreciate every comment I get.
I appreciate the fact that you stopped and posted your ideas or thoughts and show that you care.
What I would ask though , is that everyone refrain from giving me "Life advice" ...
I rarely take advice, yes, I am one of those people. And the truth is, as much as I feel like we are all friends, most readers have not met me and don't really know enough about me to give me personal advice.
So thank you for trying but thank you for not doing it anymore. Candice

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It was a dark and stormy .........

It was a dark and stormy night    day in Florida ... the lights are all coming on automatically, it is pouring rain, , steady downpours that will flood streets and neighborhoods.
There is no  terrible wind so far ... we can only hope it stays that way. .

Someone might call this a monsoon.
I call it a pain in the arse.
I also call it the Last Straw.

You know what I mean. A person can only take so much.

Moving to Florida turned out to be not my best idea ever.
I am just hoping the next idea is much better.

So this is about nothing but just being chatty ...
Does anyone use Sephora online for shopping for perfumes and make up etc ?
I have for years and when I moved here I thought I wouldn't have to, I could just stop at a shop.
But Florida being the way it is .. highways and a gazillion neighborhoods that look exactly alike, I get lost easily.
Yeah, I drove here from New York, alone with cats .. I did not get lost once.
I live here, I get in the car to go to a nearby neighborhood ... A NEIGHBORHOOD !! not a tiny shop on a tiny street that no one knows ... a whole big neighborhood and I couldn't find it.
I got lost. I stopped finally and asked the nice lady in a shop, where was I ... when she told me that I was basically closer to home than where I was going, I turned around .... and went home.
 I gave up.

When I moved in here, I did a bit of laundry. The washing machine just kept filling up. And filling up. And filling and overflowing and flooding.
Oh yes, the laundry room is on the second floor which is completely carpeted ... white carpet.

The next couple of weeks were spent with giant fans drying things, men cleaning things, new washers being delivered, being terrified to do that first wash .. still nervous every time I do a wash.

And now it rains. Buckets.
I should run out there and do a wash ...

The cats don't care. They kind of like it ... they sleep outside in the sun or inside on soft sofas and cushions .. I am definitely coming back as my cat when I die.
They can come back as me ... see how karma works in that scenario ...

These profound thoughts have been brought to you by Me ... on a dark and stormy day in Florida.

You may now tell me / us , what kind of day you are having and where ...

Monday, June 5, 2017

No words

                          Trees and moss growing on the roof ....

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Honey, You can stop mowing now ....

He was mowing the lawn. His wife took his photo. It was not coming towards them but away .. so no one was harmed taking this photo ..

photo: Times Colonist

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Saturday in Florida ... sunshine, warm, lazy, sleep late, take a nap, eat whatever you want, whenever.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jacksonville , Florida

This is what Jacksonville Florida, the city, looks like from across the river ... where I live.  I don't live close to the river ..but there you have it, Jacksonville.

Now for the pretty Southern stuff ...

Yeah, you drive down roads where the trees are lined along the sides with moss hanging off of them.
Even the churches are a bit glamorous ..
So there you have it .. a wee taste of Jacksonville Florida.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

That Face

Someone I miss , he lived around the corner from us .. his family owned the market we shopped in, almost every day.
Now he is walking and talking .. I miss seeing that face every day .. even if we didn't actually go shopping in their store, we would see him .. Oh that face .. he cheered up the day ...

Friday, May 26, 2017


It was a long boring week which ended with an even more boring day .. thank God for the cats or I would still be in bed ... since Monday .

It is quite beautiful here ... now and then a storm hits somewhere and weather men get overly excited and I get anxious then nothing happens.
They talk too much and never quite get it right.
I miss Al Roker lol ... a NYer will get it ..

I am about to have a spending spree online .. then wait, with excitement for the delivery .. then I will be bored again   😆

Blogger has changed the emoticons etc ... I just discovered it ... uh oh.

My blog has bogged down.
I am not going anywhere interesting to see anything interesting or hear anything interesting and I am always alone and only have cats for company so no one is wanting to hear more about that ..
I am boring.
I used to be fun.
Life used to be fun.
Now it is just boring ... with bored cats .. but at last today, there is no hurricane.

Plans are brewing though ... hopes for escapes from boredom, ideas on how to manage it ...

so if you stick with me, hopefully we will all be less bored in the next few months.

Thank you for sticking with me ..  here is a pink rose for you from me ..

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enough is Enough

My heart goes out to the many many people who were wounded, the families who lost children, the husbands and wives and grandparents and everyone whose lives have been forever lost or dreadfully changed, in England.
Not just in Manchester, but throughout England, the family members, the friends who live elsewhere , the people who never met them but one day might have .... all the hope and promise of young people, gone. . in an instant .. taken by sub humans ..

How many innocents will be lost ?
How many tragedies in how many families and towns and cities will be suffered ?
How long does the rest of the Civilized World allow anything like this to ever even be possible again?

How can people who are in charge in various areas of the world, of governments, armies , towns and neighborhoods, not do something ?

I was not born yet , but like most Americans, I Remember Pearl Harbor ..
I was born and living in the NY area in September, 2001. I Remember ...
We all remember.
And we all should be thinking something along the same lines ... This Cannot Happen Again.

These Animals Have To Be Stopped ... in whatever way there is ..
The Murderers of Children and young people, cannot be allowed to exist.

It is Enough.
It is time  to do something about this ...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ahhh, Sunday B***** Sunday

I was allowed to sleep late ... well, later than 7 am.
I was not harassed or nagged about breakfast not appearing magically as I walked into the kitchen ..
I was met with a cup of very good coffee ( thank you Mr Coffee maker aka Cuisinart ).

The cats are enjoying a quiet / silent , warm, Sunday morning with a few clouds and whispers of Beeeg Storms on the way.

As long as I don't hear the H word, I am OK.

Speaking of H words ... the S word never scared me ...
Snow ..
I just knew I had to scurry to the stores and stock up on things and the only worry was that the heat/electricity stayed on.
And the sight of the utility bills at the end of winter ... that was kind of scary.

I am missing Home , big time.
I am quite comfortable here and really have no complaints .. only the missing of where I would rather be ...

Cats are funny.  They have such different personalities and likes and dislikes.
My grandmother had Siamese cats for years and years ... her last one was Suzie .. Suzie hated me.
I was her Rival.
If I was visiting and the cat was ,as always, sitting on the arm of the chair my grandmother liked .. if my grandmother talked to me, the cat would gently reach up and put her paw on my grandmothers mouth ....
Shhhhh .... don't talk to her .... make her go away ....

I am happy to say .. well, maybe not That happy, but when I have company, my cats are all over the visitor.
I should put a sign out - Beware of Cat Hair .. Enter at your own risk ...  Lint rollers available.

So the cats and I are spending a nice quiet Sunday , with books, interesting tasty food and plotting and planning.

Wishing you a Lovely Sunday .. you can tell me about it if you like ...

Nothing like a cat chat

My beautiful boy Merlin .. he pats my face with those huge hairy paws .. gentle as can be...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Look Forward

I had a dream last night.
In that dream, I had a dog.
He looked an awful lot like my dog Tate, "Pup" ... a large brown  Standard Poodle.
He was just walking on the street, I called his name, he ran right to me and walked beside me.
He was my Good Boy.

I hated waking up this morning.
I have dreamt of people that I have lost, the same feeling is there upon awakening ... disappointment .. a fresh feeling of loss and a bit of grief.. it was just a dream.

I am alone too much ... with cats. Who should be able to speak English soon.
Or I will be speaking Cat. I just wish they were like dogs, that we could go outside together, take a walk, do something a bit more than lie on the sofa/bed/floor and purr.
Well, I don't purr ... not yet.

I keep making plans. Looking Forward. Figuring things out .. preparing in my mind before I start preparing in "real life" ... reality ... ugh.

Today I might take my banker's advice ... I might go shopping.
Not online as usual .. although that is a possibility but I might find a shop nearby and get something new ... to wear around the house for the cats to see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Good Day

Today was a good day.
A nice combination of good weather , a bank visit that ended up being an hour long chat fest with the bank lady, who is brilliant when it comes to making a nervous person feel safe and secure.
She even wrote out something and then at the bottom of the page, she said There Is NOTHING To Worry About ... she knows me ..

I spent a very long time with her, 75 percent social, 25 bank business.

I came home after that and talked to the cats, discussed dinner and what to watch on tv with the cats then proceeded to take a mini nap with Merlin.

After dinner, I figured I would watch something on tv but the pickings are poor, I would rather go to bed and read until I am sleepy.
Merlin beat me to it, he is in my bed , sleeping.

Minette is in her basket on the counter downstairs .. this basket is beautiful and sometimes holds fruit. Now, it holds a little blue cat.

Honey, God bless her, waddles into the living room with her short little legs with dainty tiny feet, and falls into the dog bed where she sleeps until I come upstairs to bed. Then she is right there with me .. she adopted me. It was a good decision.

I have nothing really to say.
I am just relieved about some things that were nagging at me and worrying me.
I will need a little time to adjust to not having that worry ..
But it will happen. Finding something new to plan and figure out is good for keeping worrisome thoughts away ... now what to plan ?

How was your day? Busy ? Weather good ? Anything to look forward to ? plans ? Plans are good.

Can you imagine if I got a small dog ? with Honey being so huge and the other two just being shocked at the sight of a dog in their house ? I can't imagine it. Not even if the dog was small.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Here and There

I am homesick for Buenos Aires and certain people that are not here anymore so I am going to be just posting photos mostly and a lot of them will probably be familiar to you ..
Sitting around alone in a nice condo where the weather is beautiful is not punishment, nor is it that interesting to talk about .
So expect photos of Other Places for a while ... but Plans are being hatched, Hopes are trying to stay high, Cats are napping and there is no Hurricane on the horizon so for now- all is well.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some Rain Would Be Nice

Once upon a time the world was full of smoke and there was much worry in certain quarters about the Forest a few feet from their home and how they would get 3 cats into a crate into a car and on the road heading North where they would feel safe ...

Then the nice weatherman said it might rain and there was rejoicing and relief.

But then in the morning, the sun rose ( the moon was absolutely fabulous btw) and the sky is hazy with smoke and while the fires are not a threat to certain areas, there are still forests burning and some people wish they had stayed where they were before they ever packed up their cats and left.
And everyone is tired of the sound of sirens and worrying about those woods out back.

to be continued.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Keep Calm, Carry On

This is a cloud.
Made of smoke.
There is a forest fire, causing quite a lot of smoke.
I am / the entire State of Florida, is hoping it will rain tonight.
Otherwise ....
So ... my daughter is on a vacation.
Driving .. out West .... with a camera, thank goodness !

Yesterdays photo :

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Cat Chronicles

Merlin had a rough day. Someone woke him up while he was napping out on the lanai.
So he had to come in the house and fall asleep on the sofa. Poor baby.

Minette and Honey discussed what they wanted for dinner and what was on tv tonight.
No plans made yet, it is beautiful here today, cool and sunny and the colors all seem more intense.
No, I am not smoking anything . . the colors are so clear probably because there is a storm somewhere, sucking up all the dirty air.
Yes, I am very scientific ...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend !
Tomorrow will be Sunday Catday for some girls I know.

Angst !

I've Got Angst !

So .... some readers might be aware of the fact that there are large wildfires in the Southern US.
I got scared when I first heard the news but then relieved to know that they are not close at all to where I live.
They spoke yesterday on the news of the weather, the fires, the smoke .. I felt removed from it all and safe.
Today the sky was so blue and there was very little wind. It is cool but not too much ... a pleasant day to do something outdoors or to nap on the lanai with a cat or two. .. or three.

I was busy doing this and that in the house.. my heart should be in such good condition, I run up and down a big flight of stairs, many times a day. I never remember to keep count of how many times I go up and down .. The cats should count .. they lie at the top of the stairs on the landing, watching me .. until I pick one up and carry him/her down to the living room, then he/she watches me from the sofa ... up and down.

I walked into the living room and decided to open the sliding glass doors all the way, open the entire room to the outside/ lanai .. screened and locked .. but all that fresh cool air could sweep through the the house.

It looked funny out there .. what was it ? I walked and looked up .. the sky is yellow.

Why Is The SKY YELLOW ??????

Aha ! there are wildfires in Florida, not near here ... aha ... they must make yellow smoke ... why is it here ? Instead of floating Up and dissipating, it is floating sideways and making things smokey in Jacksonville.
I Object !!
This is Enough ! I can't take anymore sudden surprising ... things.
Weather ... cool , blue skies ... yellow clouds .. no no that is not what it is supposed to say !!

The cats stared at me as I paced on the lanai, muttering to myself.
When I went to get the mail, the neighbor told me to stay inside ... oh gawd ... what next ?

I guess I can expect a hurricane to come blow it away ?
I want to go home.
I promise, I will never .... EVER ... complain about too much snow. Too cold.
Just let me have a few years of peace and quiet with no hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires.

I really don't think this is too much to ask.

Yours truly , sincerely and full of angst ... C

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sights and Sounds

Some of my favorite things about living Up North instead of here, Down South...
A favorite place to take long walks 
My neighbors rescue horse .. he and I were good friends ( the horse and I)
This being the typical road from here to there, not a 4/6 lane  highway.
I never thought I would miss the sight of a barn.
But then I start to miss other sights in other worlds..
Ahhh... yes .. another world indeed.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This is really very bizarre ... almost hard to watch ... amazing and freakish .. watch it :)

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Neighbors

This was a neighbor's building, on our street in Buenos Aires.
Every day we would walk past homes and buildings like this ... as much traffic as there was, the stylish and current fashions of the clothes, the cars and people, I always felt like I had stepped back in Time. To a Time I really liked better .. a time when beauty was appreciated, when people had good manners .. Yes, they honk and yell when driving but they also hold doors for people, help if you look like you need it, say Thank you and Please and Hello and Goodby .. And they kiss you when they meet you and when they leave.
Now you know why I am "homesick " :)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

How Do You Cut the Cats Claws ?

1- Hold the clippers in one hand and hold your cat's paw in the other.
2- Gently squeeze the top and bottom of your cat's paw, on the joint, just behind the claw to extend the claw"

Now for the True Story :

Roll your cat into a bath towel, you should have something that looks a little like a large cat burrito with head at one open end .. tail ( it will be swishing  at a rapid rate) at the other end .

There may be a sound .. a little like a small wild animal growling because he wants to rip your throat out ... or it could be a small pitiful meow that breaks your heart, but don't let him/her fool you ... those claws draw blood better than my doctor.

Merlin is large ... he is mostly all hair as far as the bulk of him goes, but his bones, his size is large. He is twice as big as Minette ( Russian Blue) and nothing in the domestic cat world is as large as Honey .. my late Mom's cat. Honey will beat your dog's ass. Believe me.
But when she meows, she sounds like a tiny little girl cat ... just hidden in a huge cat body.

So ... Merlin decided to take a nap by my bed, under the windows. I decided to take advantage of the 2 of us being alone, with good light, and I had the energy, he had none. Or so I thought.

Having been through this before, I was prepared.

1- cat nail clippers. scary but brilliant.
2- bath towel ( why a bath towel ? you'll see)
3- be sure you are wearing clothes that can get hairy, torn, keep your flesh covered and hopefully resistant to blood stains.

Merlin was lying there like a large hairy pillow .. I started baby talking, he started purring .. we were doing well !

I tucked him up against me ( as if you were going to nurse a baby) and took his paw in my hand. He complained but did not really move. Merlin keeps moving down to a minimum if possible.
I squeezed his paw, the claw popped out ... 4 claws were no nonsense, long but ordinary claws ... hooked, sharp as they could be and dangerous if you are not into being clawed bloody.

This is where the towel comes in.
You roll the cat in the towel like a big cat burrito .. head and front legs sticking out, back /hind legs with muscles and long claws, wrapped up nice and safe in the towel.

Front legs .. nice and easy, he was complaining but purring too.
I am always terrified I will cut him and make him bleed. So being still is a very good thing .. for the cat to do .. I am trying to make use of 2 arms and hands when I really need 3 or 4.

Each nail cut easily and quickly, him grumbling, me telling him how fabulous he was.
Then we got to the "thumb" mail ... it is the biggest nail on the end ... 
This is where the Horror of cat manicures comes ..

The nail was starting to grow into his foot pad ... omigod !!!! omigod !!!!
I had a moment of hating myself so much I wanted to slap me, letting his nails grow that long .. being afraid of being clawed more than worried about something like this happening .. I am such a loser.

Then we got down to business.
Roll up that old cat, get that clipper situated under the nail, be sure his pad/flesh is not there too and then ... He yanked his paw away, growled at me and tried to hide his foot.

So I begged for forgiveness, kissed him many times, then made sure all feet were wrapped up safely and tried again.
Now I am shaking too ... the damned clipper would not go under the claw, and I was terrified of cutting his foot ... so this went on for several minutes, me continuing to beg him for forgiveness and whispering to God to be sure I don't cut my cats toe off because it would definitely be my Last Straw.

He never tried to claw me. He only wanted his foot ( probably sore) back .. but we managed.. Merlin and I.
He now has a nice manicure on both front feet, back feet are another day, he and I can only take so much .. 

So this is the way to cut your cats nails.
Or ... if you have a good vet or groomer that you like, pay someone else... it is So Totally Worth It !!

Loll around

It is Sunday.
The cats and I are lolling about the house .. having gone over earlier today to feed and water the kitties at my daughter's house- she is living it up in a fancy hotel somewhere that is a bit more fun than Florida.
I am listening to the weather forecasts and dreading hearing the word
H u r r i c a n e.
This is the reason I want to move back North.
I am unable to cope with hurricanes and tornadoes and well, most things .. like the snake that was headed towards my door, the cats were so excited, I was not.
I managed to steer it back to the woods ...  it was harmless, I knew that , but still, it was a very long snake !!!
What if it had been an alligator ?
So .... friends and relatives are traveling, cats and I are lolling about and thinking of what would be good for dinner ... delivered .
What are you doing this  weekend ? Has it been fun ? Weather co-operating ?
Doing a lot of lolling ? cooking ? eating ?
I hope you are doing a lot of laughing ... kissing ... playing ..lolling.

Friday, April 28, 2017

To Everybunny

Wishing Every Bunny a Good Day ...

Henri Cartier Bresson


The photos are fabulous .. every single one and so is the music.
Enjoy ..

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sun Dappled

This is the street   we walked down to the parks in Buenos Aires.
The British Embassy to Argentina is also on this street ... so there are lots of high gates, fences and then the park. I used to daydream of living in one of these apartment buildings instead of on the big boulevard where we lived. To be able to walk out the door and cross the street and be in the park, was such a treat .. but sadly, our sweet Pup died, we stayed in the apt we bought upon arrival in Buenos Aires and we still walked down this street every day.
We had picnics in the park in the shade.
We just sat and took photos of people and a spontaneous futbol game now and then .. it was our back yard .. our green space.
Now I live in a condo with manicured lawns , its own lake and everything is clean and manicured.
But happily, behind my condo, is a forest. Unmanicured, unmown and raked and blown. A wild wood. Full of small creatures and even a large one now and then.
Yes, they do have jaguars in Florida. Yes, the do have alligators and yes a green snake did come in to say hello to the cats and I.
The snake we could deal with, the others not so much.
The wildest animal I ever saw in Buenos Aires was a drunken party goer with his friends trying to get him inside his house.
It was very funny.
I love the trees, in Buenos Aires. The same trees as in Paris ..
If you have been to both places, you would understand my conundrum ...
You can take a trip. Stay in a nice hotel. have a  driver for a day .. where would you go ?
Paris France ? Buenos Aires Argentina ?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Things I Am Thankful For

My children who remember me from time to time lol ...
My cats who don't allow me to leave their sight.
The Encouragement of Bloggers , most of whom   I have not met In Real Life but who  I feel great fondness for.
Those sweet notes and emails are so very dear to me.
This time that  I have had , living in Florida, in a beautiful place with nothing but trees and skies and clouds now and then and all sorts of birds and top that with some sweet people,  has been good for me.
I am feeling more capable, stronger, getting back a bit of my old wanderlust.

Due to where I am and what I am doing, there is not much to blog about but there will be a change and with changes come, hopefully, something interesting to talk about .. or at least a photo now and then ..

My cat sitting duties will keep me busier than usual .. but that is for 2 weeks then it will be time for my own plans and setting things into motion.

I hope you stick around, I hope you are there when things get more interesting.
Thank you for being there all this time ..


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Enjoy your weekend !

And I will leave you for the rest of this weekend with something to smile at. Have a good weekend !!

Saturday - Clouds, Puppies and Pussy cats

I have nowhere to go and no one to go with.
I have nothing to do.
I am not complaining. I like it !

I was out on the lanai, admiring the clouds.
I know, sounds lame but there is a storm somewhere and this place is SO Flat !! So there are these  amazing huge fat clouds going overhead all the time. Especially when there is a storm/hurricane out in the ocean ..

So the skies are an amazing blue and the huge fat clouds are puffy and white.
The forest is very green  .. just in case someone wonders.
Now you know what it looks like in Florida.

I was out on the lanai, admiring the greens, blues and whites of nature when I saw a young woman with a tiny dog go out into the lawns.. I watched because the dog was so small ... then I fell in love.
Has anyone ever seen a 3 month old Shiba Inu ? No ? well, I will just say this ...
Like ... today.
That puppy was smaller than any of my cats. I have a feeling it will be smaller than the cats when it grows up ! Definitely smaller than Honey ... the Godzilla of pussycats.

So that is my day so far. Never let it be said that I don't live a fun and glamorous life.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Family ... Who Knew ?

So my sweet daughter with the insatiable need to KNOW EVERYTHING turned her attention to Our Family.
There are all kinds of mysteries .. or were ... nothing is safely hidden if my daughter wants to know ..

Not to mention, she should be the head of the Department of Whatever that Hunts Down People Who Are Trying to Hide. Even if they have been dead for 200 + years.

I say all of this with Great Pride ... she is amazing.

So here is todays news ...

I have a photo of the gravestone of my  10th Great Grandfather ... pretty nice stone .. all these years later too !

But then she sent me the photo of the man ...
wow ..

Sir Richard Hale (Sir Knight de Halys)

Cheerful looking old coot, no ?
So at the moment, I am boggled that my daughter has found out so much so quickly and with photos !
I am considering hiring her out, our sweet family bloodhound ... You can run but you can't hide.
I can't wait to see who/what she finds next. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Quickie

 As we all know, here in the US anyway, it is Tax Time.
The person who did mine for me since my husband died, is out of the country.
I am in a state of low level simmering panic because the only person I know who could help, is ignoring me.
Too busy, gotta go, talk to ya later ...

So there is a good chance I won't be posting for a few days , you don't want to hear my whining and moaning and it would bore me too .. plus talking about it exacerbates my panic attacks .. I kinda want to keep breathing on my own, you know.

I will be back when this new glitch in my search for peace and contentment is dealt with and I can start back on my new goals ... they are good... I can't wait.

Cats are excited too.
I know this how ?

When I told Merlin, he purred louder.
Honey looked up from her bowl and said Yeah?? then back to the bowl.
Minette butted heads with me and purred .. she seems to be the only one that takes a real interest in our lives ...

Ta ta for now,

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